Bon Secours Community Works

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About the Farm
At BSCW we are dedicated to improving health outcomes in 21223.
We plan to utilize a multigenerational approach, focusing on youth garden and nutrition education, a workforce development program, a refrigerated food distribution truck, and a mobile farmers market program, which delivers affordable, fresh food.

Farmer Profiles: Rich Kolm
Rich has been working on farming and green infrastructure projects for ten years, five of those years in Baltimore City. He has also farmed in Colorado and in Southern Maryland. He likes to build greenhouses, get dirty, and teach others the skills and foods of farming!

Where We Grow
West Fayette St. & North Fulton Ave. in West Baltimore

Center map

Where We Sell
Waverly Farmers Market. Soon we will have a Mobile Market truck driving around our zip code selling produce. Currently most of our food is donated to other philanthropic programs in the area around our farm.

Volunteer With Us!
Contact Farm Manager Rich Kolm at!

Other Programs
Soon, we will be launching a mobile market truck to allow access to our produce more widely in the areas surrounding the farm.