The Greener Garden



About Our Farm
Warren and Lavette Blue are the proud owners and operators of The Greener Garden, located in the Hamilton area of Baltimore City. They have provided their community with fresh vegetables for over 20 years. They started growing their own vegetables once they learned that most of the commercial growers and farmers were using a lot of chemicals on their soil. Through the University of MD Extension Urban Agriculture Service they were able to attend classes and become Certified Master Gardeners. They grow a variety of vegetables, including a large variety of greens.

Farmer Profiles: Warren and Lavette Blue
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Where We Grow
5623 McClean Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21214

Where We Sell
They can be found at the Park Heights Community Farmers Market at Pimlico Race Course and the Druid Hill Farmers Market on Wednesdays starting in June. You can find our produce for sale at the Park Heights Community Farmers Market, at the Druid Hill Farmers Market, and the Waverly Farmers Market (through the Farm Alliance Stand).

Volunteer With Us!
Please email us at for information about volunteer opportunities.