Cherry Hill Urban Garden

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About our Farm

The Cherry Hill Development Corporation signed a lease with the Baltimore Housing Authority in 2010 for 1.5 acres for the Eat Healthy, Live Healthy garden on Cherry Hill Road and Veronica Ave, where public housing had been torn down 20 years prior. Under the vision and dedication of Ms. Juanita Ewell, the site was cleaned of trash, weeds and debris and 21 raised beds were built and have been feeding volunteers since their inception. In January 2012, Ally Schonfeld and Hamilton Trimm joined the team, designed a growing plan for the rest of the 1.5 acre lot and plan on continuing to educate Cherry Hill and surrounding communities about healthy food based on the foundation that has been started. For this coming season, they are adding 14 raised beds, beginning on-site sales, expanding the number and diversity of crops, and helping to develop a volunteer work program.

Where we grow

900 Cherry Hill Road @ Veronica Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21218


Juanita Ewell is the founder of the Cherry Hill Urban Garden and a resident of the Cherry Hill neighborhood.

Hamilton Trimm came to Baltimore from Alabama in 2011 and is an avid woodworker and gardener.

Ally Schonfeld has been farming since 2008, loves to teach children about new vegetables and herbs, and enjoys watching pea shoots come up in the spring! She got into farming to learn about how people interact with foodways and ended up becoming dedicated to issues of food access in cities and teaching children about nature. She likes growing in Baltimore City because the people who walk by on Cherry Hill Road always ask new and interesting questions about being a city farmer.

Where we sell

Cherry Hill Urban Garden has a neighborhood farm stand on Saturdays from 3:00pm-6:00pm at the 800 block of Cherry Hill Road in front of St. Veronica Catholic Church.
Waverly Farmer’s Market with the Farm Alliance

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Hours: Monday-Saturday from 9-1pm

Please see our Facebook Page for special events/volunteer days

Other Programming

Seedlings for Sale, Field Trips, Garden Consultations, Small building structures